Basmati Rice vs White Rice

Basmati Rice vs White Rice

Basmati Rice vs White Rice

India is globally recognized as the 2nd largest Rice consuming county. And, rice is the primary staple dish of several Indian states and is treated as a vital part of everyday Indian diet. Whether Basmati rice or White rice, it has a huge demand. But there are many people who don’t know the main difference between Basmati rice and White Rice.

Let us see how basmati rice is different from white rice:

Basmati rice is long-grained rice originated in the Himalayan foothills. It is frequently served with various curries, braised, roasted meats, or as the main ingredient for biryani. It has distinctive nutty flavor and unique, slightly floral aroma which is similar to jasmine rice, but it has a somewhat softer grain than jasmine rice.

While White rice is the simple rice without any special order or long grains and it is most commonly cooked rice all over India.

Rice Grains after cooking

Basmati rice grains are more light and fluffy as compared to white rice. Since, basmati rice is valued for its light, fluffy consistency; it remains separate rather than clumped together. While white rice sometimes clumps together or becomes sticky.

Buying and Cost

Both basmati rice and white rice are easily available in any grocery shop or online rice store. Because of the special features, basmati rice is costly but white rice is easily available at fewer prices.


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