Ponni Rice and its Benefits

Ponni Rice and its Benefits

Ponni Rice is a rice variety developed by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in 1986. It is a hybrid variety of Myang Ebos 6080/2 and Taichung65.

It is named after the Kaveri river which is also known as Ponni in Tamil literature. Its unique aroma and essence caused because of the presence of 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline chemical.

It is majorly cultivated along the banks of the Kaveri in the cities of Ariyalur, Trichy, Madurai in Tamil Nadu.

Ponni Rice is easily available in grocer’s shops or supermarkets. People can also buy Ponni Rice online as there are many online rice stores.

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Ponni rice has enormous health benefits especially for diabetics and high blood sugar patients:

  1. High fiber
  2. Gluten free
  3. Low glycemic index, thereby lowering the impact of raised blood sugar
  4. Lowers cholesterol

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