Aged Rice and its best features

Aged Rice and its best features

What is Aged Rice?

Aged Rice is that rice which is kept for ageing for one or more years. Aged rice is also called as Old Rice.

Process of Ageing

Rice ageing process is complicated, which also includes changes in the physical and chemical properties of rice grain.

The main rice grain components which affect cooking and eating quality such as starch, protein and lipids remains unchanged during storage, but structural changes occur which affects its pasting and gel properties, thereby bringing change in flavour and texture of cooked rice.

Why Aged Rice is better than New Rice?

Aged rice grains are more dried and dehydrated (aged) and it needs a regular amount of water at the time of cooking which will make it perfect and fluffy in texture. On the other hand, New rice, which came from newly harvested crops needs less water than the regular amount at the time of cooking because the new rice from new crops still stay hydrated and not fully aged.

Aged rice always stays separated and looks good after cooking while new rice becomes sticky with lumps.

Aged rice is healthier as compared to new rice.


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