Broken Rice and its Uses

Broken Rice and its Uses

What is Broken Rice?

Fragments of rice grains are commonly called Broken rice. The rice grains become fragmented/broken in the field or during drying process or during transport or in milling. Know broken rice and its uses.

Broken grains from the whole grains are separated using mechanical separators and are sorted by size.

Broken rice is fragmented and it cannot be considered as defective. It has equal nutrition as unbroken rice contains. Also, if the broken rice contains all germ and bran, then it has nutrition as brown rice and if nothing remains, then it has nutrition as white rice.

Broken Rice and its uses:

Milling of Broken Rice

The broken rice which comes from a rice huller is brown whole grain and the broken rice which comes from a gristmill is white.

On milling, Asian rice or paddy rice, 50% whole rice, 16% broken rice, 20% husk, 14% bran and meal are produced. But, African rice has more brittle grains; hence it results in higher breakage.

Human consumption

Because of the dissimilarity of grains size and shape, broken rice has a diverse & softer texture as compared to unbroken rice, and it easily absorbs flavours. It takes less cooking time, also consumes less fuel, and used for making rice porridges and congees, which takes longer cooking time.

The broken rice is less expensive and is commonly consumed by the poor.

Industrial uses

Very small broken rice is used by brewers for manufacturing beer. It is used by the pet food industry. It is also used for feeding livestock and aquaculture. Broken rice is used to make starch which is used as laundry starch or in foods or in cosmetics or in textile manufacture.


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