Basmati Rice and its Specialties

Basmati Rice and its Specialties

Basmati Rice is long-grain aromatic rice originated in India. Its name is given from Sanskrit word ‘Basmati’ which means ‘fragrant’.

This special quality of rice is basically grown in India, Nepal and Pakistan.

Its unique aroma and essence caused because of the presence of 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline chemical.

It is low fat and gluten-free. And it contains all 8 essential amino acids, folic acid, and very low sodium and does not have cholesterol.

Basmati rice is easily available in grocer’s shops or supermarkets. People can also buy basmati rice online as there are many online rice stores.

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Basmati Rice vs. other Varieties

Grain size and shape: Basmati is long grain rice while other varieties are available in different shapes and sizes- long, short, slender, thick or round.

Aroma: Basmati has a distinctive fragrance and flavor while other varieties don’t have an aroma.

Aging: Aged Basmati gets better flavor and aroma hence costs higher while other varieties don’t have much difference.

Post cooking elongation: Basmati rice increases almost double its size on cooking while other varieties don’t show such a significant increase.

Stickiness: Cooked grains of Basmati rice are non-sticky while other varieties may have sticky or non-sticky characteristics.

Yield: Yield of basmati rice is almost half than other varieties.

More breakage: Basmati grains are more prone to breakage as compared to other varieties.

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