What is Idly Rice?

Idly Rice is one type of Rice variety that is used for preparing a very popular southern India dish “Idly” (fermented rice cakes).

Idly is a type of savory rice cake popularly served as breakfast. It was originated in southern India.

Idly rice is easily available in every grocer’s shops or supermarkets. People can also buy idly rice online as there are many online rice stores who sell the best quality idly rice.

Idly rice is parboiled Indian rice. Parboiled rice is pre-processed rice which is used to reduce the soaking time before grinding and it also consists gelatinized starch which provides added texture.

Mainly short or medium grained rice is used as it requires over 80% amylopectin (s starch) to make soft and plump idlys. Long grain rice contains only 78% amylopectin and therefore is not appropriate.

If idly rice is unavailable, people can use risotto rice such as arborio, carnaroli or vialone nano, but as this is not parboiled it will need to soak for about 4 hours longer.


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